The LED professional Certificate of Appreciation: Celebrating 12 Years and 75 editions Outstanding Lighting Technology Information

This year, in celebration of the 75th issue of LED professional Review magazine, 6 lighting professionals were honored for their significant contribution, longstanding support and influence on the LpR Magazine during the LPS TIL Award Ceremony in Lindau, Germany. 

Celebrating the Full Spectrum of Light

Herewith, I express once again my warm and hearty thanks go to the team of Luger Research as a whole, but with a special mention of my lighting friends Siegfried Luger, Arno Grabher-Meyer and Theresa König for the friendship, and passion we share together. Year after year they succeed in bringing a fantastic crowd of lighting professionals together in Bregenz, Austria, to celebrate the full spectrum of light. The related LpR Magazine is by far the best Global Information Hub for Lighting Technologies!


Image of 2019 LPS TIL Award winners

Portrait of the 2019 Winners of the LPS and TIL Awards, with Luximprint and Physionary at the right.

LPS & TIL Award Ceremony

In addition, after the traditional cruise on the lake from Bregenz to Lindau and the gala dinner at the Eilgut Halle, the LpS & TiL award ceremony was held. There were 8 award categories covering ground-breaking scientific research through to solutions, designs and innovative applications to celebrate the complete spectrum of light. You can read more about the ceremony and winners in the Luximprint blog.

Image of Suresh Christopher and Marco de Visser holding LPS TIL 2019 Best Start-Up Certificate

Suresh Christopher and myself holding the Best Start-Up Certificate for our mutual work in the area of Additive Optics Design and Fabrication Technology.

Personally, its a great honor to receive both the ‘Certificate of Appreciation‘ AND the ‘Prize for the Best 2019 LPS TIL Start-Up‘ from the team at Luger Research – the driving force behind the LED professional Symposium & Expo, and the LpR Magazine.

My sincere thanks goes to my teams at Luximprint and Luminous Concepts, as well as to our online platforms 3DPrinting.Lighting and Inspiration.Lighting for their tremendous support over the recent years to make this happen!

Finally, I am fully motivated to provide my dedicated support to the team of Luger Research and Lighting Start-Ups to help building the future of the Lighting Industry. I kindly invite you to join me on that mission!