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Illumarco (Marco de Visser) is a Dutch self-proclaimed 3D Printing and Lighting enthusiast. Marco is Founder and Editor in Chief for 3DPrinting.Lighting and Inspiration.Lighting and is actively involved with the global lighting, optics and maker movements.

LIA Tech Talk 3D Printed Optics Tuesday at Two

LIA Tuesday Tech Talk 3D Printed Optics and Final Use Luminaire Parts Located at the forefront of the lighting industry and dedicated to promoting the best practice throughout the sector, the LIA shares information and knowledge and provides a wide range of services for the members and the wider lighting industry. LIA members benefit from up-to-date

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SPIE 3D Printing for Lighting Conference 2023, San Diego, California

SPIE 3D Printing for Lighting Conference 2023 In my position as editor-in-chief for 3DPrinting.Lighting, I am joining the OP318 Conference Committee for the "SPIE 3D Printing for Lighting Conference 2023" in San Diego, California 20 - 24 August 2023. Organized by SPIE Optics + Photonics, the 3D printing conference encompasses a wide range of topics

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PUBLICATION: Tracing the Evolution of Additive Optics Fabrication

3D Printing Speeds Up Optics Manufacturing MAKING MICRO-OPTICS IN ONE STEP. Whereas traditionally the manufacture of optical components was carried out through a laborious - and often inefficient - milling technique, modern 3D printing methods have boosted the speed and flexibility of the process. By adding layers of a cured resin until a shape is

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Lighting R&D: LED Luminaires and Advanced Manufacturing

SSL Expert Panel to Discuss Advanced Manufacturing of LED Lighting Luminaires The DOE SSL Expert Panel Sessions of September 2021, part of two series of meetings covering topics in LED materials and devices, lighting science, products, and manufacturing, were an excellent platform to discuss the latest in additive manufacturing for lighting systems design, manufacture, and

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Lighting in Support of Economic Recovery and a Net Zero Economy

How Lighting Can Support Economic Recovery and the Goal of a Net Zero Economy The world is facing an unprecedented crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic and the immediate focus is rightly on saving lives and slowing down the spread of the virus. But as the slow process of beating the virus evolves, our attention naturally

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Helios Mylos – The New Solar Energy Converter

Helios Mylos - A New Way to Harvest Energy from the Sun Recently, I stumbled upon a pretty interesting and highly promising solar-based technology concept, invented by a Dutch firm: Helios Mylos. The Helios Mylos team believes that the new approach to harvest mechanical or electrical energy from direct sunlight (and other sources) will

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LED Elektro Trend Report 2020

LED Elektro Trend Report 2020 Back in 2014, the first Dutch National Trend Report was published. Since, the market changed at a rapid pace. In the electrotechnical sector LED lighting is no longer the 'crown prince', but it became the mainstream lighting solution. Unfortunately, new challenges with LEDs are faced almost on a daily basis.

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LED professional Certificate of Appreciation

The LED professional Certificate of Appreciation: Celebrating 12 Years and 75 editions Outstanding Lighting Technology Information This year, in celebration of the 75th issue of LED professional Review magazine, 6 lighting professionals were honored for their significant contribution, longstanding support and influence on the LpR Magazine during the LPS TIL Award Ceremony in Lindau, Germany. 

Product Review Hikari SQ: The Benefits of OLED with the Power of LED

Review Hikari SQ: Kitchen Integration Luxury Combi-Camp Valley Folding Trailer It's a public secret that I am a great fan of Lightly Technologies in business life. Their ultra-flat yet smooth and powerful LED light panels offer great versatility for a variety of lighting applications and are an excellent replacement for non-performing, short-living OLED panels. After gathering

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Living Light – Exploring the Power of Plants

Living Light - A cross Pollination of Nature, Science and Design Living Light is an atmospheric lamp that harvests its energy from the plant living inside. The light is based on 'plant microbial energy'​: energy generated by bacteria in the soil and harvested by microbial fuel cells. It was developed by Ermi van Oers and

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