Mind-blowing Intel Drone Light Display sets New World Records

Along with the athletes, the Intel Drone Light took center stage at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Intel supplied over 1,200 of them for the opening ceremony in Pyeongchang, South-Korea. The light displays in the synchronized flight show earned Intel a new world record: the most drones ever in the sky at one time. 

Intel Drone Light: Shooting Star

Over 1,200 Intel Shooting Star drones flew above PyeongChang for the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games, breaking a Guinness World Records title. Experience the moment when a larger-than-life snowboarder formed overhead and the Olympic rings illuminated the night sky.

Intel Drone Light Shows

The Intel team used their super lightweight shooting star drones they were made specifically for outdoor shows like this, all coordinated on one computer.

Back in January 2018 Intel launched 250 Shooting Star drones over the Bellagio and synced up a dazzling display in the sky with the ever-popular Fountains of Bellagio show, to celebrate its CES 2018 presence and talks.

The Technology Behind the Intel Drone Light

From freezing cold temperatures to high gusts of wind, Intel engineers have their work cut out for them. But for every challenge, came a quick solution – from setting flight paths to running multiple tests in similar conditions and ensuring a spectacular show.

The light shows take the wonder of drone-technology and transform them into an entirely new form of entertainment. Intel enables its users to lighten up the night sky with a choreographed light show featuring hundreds of drones creating a stunning way to talk with audiences – both small and large.

We praise Intel for connecting drone and lighting technology, it opens up doors for new ways of controlled light art and entertainment lighting!

Footage: Intel