LIA Tuesday Tech Talk 3D Printed Optics and Final Use Luminaire Parts

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LIA Tech Talk 3D Printed Optics

By April 25h, 2023, the Lighting Industry Association is hosting a tech talk on the 3D printing of optics and optical components for the lighting industry. LIA registered lighting professionals across the UK will receive a personal invite to join an exclusive session on the availability and use of printed optics for custom lighting solutions.

Printed optics for custom lighting applications is a living topic among the global design and engineering community. With a selection of rapid prototyping options available and novel design and manufacturing capabilities looming at the horizon, one may get easily lost in the woods.

Marco de Visser of Luximprint, the innovator of Printoptical Technology, will host a session on the state of 3D printing of Optics including a technology breakdown, pro’s and con’s, applications and share a Future Outlook.


Join us for the smartest, easiest and most intelligent way to keep up with all the latest developments in the Lighting Sector.More info on the event and the LIA can be found at:, registration for the Tech Talk is possible at …

Still hungry for more?

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities with additive optics / 3D printed optics for engineering applications today, feel free to take a deeper dive in the recently published article ‘Tracing the Evolution of Additive Optics Fabrication‘ in Europhotonics where you find today’s manufacturing techiques and future enhancements explained in great detail.