Luxexcel Ophthalmics: 3D Printed Lenses Change the Way we See and Experience the World

Luxexcel, the inventor and global leader in 3D printed lenses, launched its VisionPlatform in Europe during the recent MIDO event in Milan, Italy. We follow the activities with great interest and delightfully share one of the recent event videos below, made by Acuité.fr, that deals with the future of ophthalmics and how Luxexcel Ophthalmics technology is changing it.

Picture of the installed Luxexcel VisionMaster Platform

Luxexcel VisionMaster Platform install. (Picture courtesy of Luxexcel)

Luxexcel Ophthalmics at MIDO

Luxexcel recently participated in MIDO, one of the leading European events for ophthalmics design. A nice video interview, released by Aquité, is embedded below. Guido Groet, CCO of Luxexcel, explains here how Luxexcel Ophthalmics Technology is starting today changing the future of eyewear (it’s French, actually…):

Vision Expo East 2018

A next possibility to catch up with the Luxexcel team and see the novel ophthalmics technology live would be at Vision Expo East 2018 in New York. After the successful inauguration of its technology for North-America at VEE 2017, Luxexcel will enrich the VEE 2018 edition as well by showing how novel and unique eyewear products can be designed by using novel design software (coming soon!) and the Luxexcel VisionMaster Platform for fabrication.

Picture showing demonstrators of 3D printed lenses for today and tomorrow

Luxexcels’ event inauguration in North America took place at VEE 2017 in New York.

During Vision Expo East, Luxexcel will host a special event on Friday March 16th to celebrate the launch of its new VisionMaster Software. The booth is located in the Lenses & Technology section booth LP4146 & LP4147

Tickets for the show and the special event can be obtained via the Luxexcel website.