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3D printing technology is ramping up fast. The ongoing digitization around us, along with the many inconveniences that traditional, most analogue manufacturing technologies bring, is a perfect “breeding ground” to embed and grow the usage of this new technology. In fact, 3D printing contributes to a “Third Industrial Revolution”: it will change the way goods are designed, produced, distributed and evenly used. It will truly impact the overall supply-chain in many different industries!

Any doubts whether the interest for 3D printing is on the rise? See this Google Trends Chart…

Lighting Printspiration
Especially in the Lighting Industry, the inspiring and rapid evolving landscape I used to work in, the uncertainties about and unfamiliarity with 3D printing are huge. There is, unfortunately, a great lack in the understanding of how to adopt it and how to apply this “new way of making” to the own business. From its origin, the lighting industry is seen as a quite “conventional” industry. However, even though the industry is dominated by experienced veterans and established lighting firms, creative young professionals and inventive start-ups increasingly are taking over the lead in adopting and applying new – most digital – technologies. There may be some barriers to brake through, but finally speed, flexibility and creativity will definitely survive.

Wondering how 3D printing is doing globally? The demographics below show the interest of 3D printing from around the globe…

Call of Duty
As an “insider”, I feel pretty responsible to inform my folks in the network about the amazing opportunities this new additive manufacturing technology offers us. It will foresee us with unique advantages that helps us to set ourselves apart from the competition, open up doors to markets that we were unable to reach before and lead to unique and exciting applications.

I kindly invite you to further discover the backgrounds of 3D printing, especially related to lighting topics by reading the various posts at this blog and to continue at 3DPrinting.Lighting where you will find further in-depth reviews, blog posts, interviews and contributed articles on this versatile topic.

In case you want to further learn about the possibilities or have in-depth questions on this matter, you may always contact me.



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