LED Elektro Trend Report 2020

Back in 2014, the first Dutch National Trend Report was published. Since, the market changed at a rapid pace. In the electrotechnical sector LED lighting is no longer the ‘crown prince’, but it became the mainstream lighting solution. Unfortunately, new challenges with LEDs are faced almost on a daily basis. The LED Elektro Trend Report 2020 aims to provide deeper insights into the actual state of the Dutch lighting market, and share opinions and feedback on future challenges.

LED Lighting – The Backbone of New Lighting Installations

LED fixtures have the potential to be the backbone of any given lighting installation, utilizing the power of smart lighting and human-centric lighting. The challenges faced with LED lighting (and lighting in general), are unfortunately holding the potential of LED solutions somehow back.

The LED Elektro Trend Report 2020 aims to provide insights on the use and installation of novel lighting technologies. One of the main conclusions of the report is that interviewed users are dominantly positive when it comes to their experiences with LED lighting.

LED Elektro Trend Report 2020: Ledification on Track

LED solutions are the most sourced light sources over the past years in The Netherlands. According to Lighting Europe, the leading continental lighting influencer, the first stage of their ‘Ledification’ Roadmap has been achieved. Despite the challenges around the quality of LED lighting systems, the next stage of the Roadmap is coming up: making lighting systems ‘smarter’. Smart Lighting, on its turn, will come along with other challenges, such as integration, cybersecurity, communication protocols and standardization.

Lack of Knowledge

What surprises me, as a lighting insider, is that no respondents in the report speak out on the use and function of light control in its purest essence: the optical assembly. LED optics are, next to the driver and LED source, an important part of the scene. Putting ‘Light Where Needed’ by use of custom LED optics will be with no doubt one of the challenges we are facing in the time to come. I greatly share the views of the publishers stating that there is a ‘lack of knowledge and understanding’ about the use and application of novel lighting technologies.

For those who are interested in this topic, I greatly encourage reading on at the website of Luximprint, Dutch service provider for 3D printed optics. During the last ‘LED professional Symposium + Expo in Bregenz, Austria, a special lecture was given on this topic. The abstracts and views can be read at the website.

Shorter Cycle Times & Faster Marketing

On average, market cycles get faster, resulting in a shorter time to market. From that perspective, investment in knowledge, education and networking becomes crucial to understand the reason and pace of the shifting market landscape

We encourage the lighting industry to solve the existing challenges as soon as possible in order to be able to utilize the potential of smart, dynamic and interactive lighting systems come true!

Contents in this post are sourced from the ‘Nationaal LED + Elektro Trendrapport 2020’, insights are my own. Copyrights belong to Dutch New Energy Research.
The LED Elektro Trend Report 2020 can be downloaded via the LED+Elektro website.