Hikari SQ by Lightly Tech: The Powerful LED Light Source with OLED Appearance

During my past 15 years in the lighting industry, I’ve got the privilege to be deeply engaged in the developments from incandescent light sources to LED. Unfortunately, several factors hold those developments back, most notably heat development, glare, and critical form factor limitations. OLED technology, despite its setbacks and limitations, used to be the answer to it, and I’ve been watching that particular development closely over the recent years. Until Lightly showed up, bringing its Hikari SQ LED Panel to the table. At once I realized: why compromise between form and function when you can have both?

Hikari SQ by Lightly Tech

Hikari SQ is an ultra-thin LED light source that delivers remarkable performance. The uniform Hikari SQ surfaces emit a great uniformity with low-glare, in glorious CRI 90, with no additional heat sinks or optics required. What’s most interesting: it’s dimmable and fully compatible with standard LED drivers.

In the search for ultra-flat, low-heating light sources with a great uniformity, I should have had these pieces available over the last decade. I’ve seen so many OEM lighting manufacturers, designers and other application specialists struggle with multi-shadow challenges, anti-glare/light uniformity issues, heat developments, etcetera. At once several critical hurdles are eliminated by the arrival of Hikari SQ, Lightly’s flagship product.

With more to come, the panels are at least available as a great novel build block for lighting professionals, ready for use. If you ask me, it delivers maximum creative freedom for a new generation of decorative and architectural lighting systems in illumination applications, cross-market.

Here’s a quick, one-minute introduction movie:

Hikari SQ and Optographix

A very interesting combination that was recently discovered, is the combination of the Lightly LED Panels with Luximprint Optographix Technology. As such, 3D printed optical features are added to the panels, dispersing or blocking light in a decorative yet functional way. At once, ‘branding with light’ becomes a new dimension, as the natural colors of light can now be combined with colorful yet optically functional ‘graphics’ expressions.

A range of tabletop and wall displays for Luximprint and Lightly were developed by Luminous Concepts, a Dutch Creative Lighting Design and Application Agency. Utilizing the capabilities of Optographix 3D printing, new features for brand enhancement and interior design were launched.

The stunning interactive displays can be seen at the 2018 fall lighting events across Europe. Here’s some further inspiration.

Images from Lightly Tech - Luximprint demodisplay by Luminous Concepts using Optographix Technology

Demo display graphics by Luminous Concepts using Optographix Technology and Hikari SQ LED panels.

More Info and Availability

Lightly offers a full range of quick ’trial and error’ boxes with LED panels via their online webstore, as well as a developer kit to experiment with your own designs.

Once you are interested in the concept, please let us know or connect with the Lightly Team directly.